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Here’s how you can join Google’s experiment to show offers at the top of the search results for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Google Announces Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sales Deals and how you Set Adwords Campaign can for these special Days.

Get support for your retail advertisers that increase your sales exposure for the sales day which is Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is very special in these days and for the whole year, Google has just launched their latest experiments with core type promotions extensive in Adwords.

The Experiment which runs on November, 27, Google may serve their special e-commerce sales days Black Friday promotional ads formatting which people going to seek-out for the black day or Cyber Monday. Related keywords in those days are going to the hottest trends with variations. “Black Friday deals”, ”Black Friday sales”, “product of black day”, “deals Friday” and more.

You can add an ad extension to get more visitors and for related niche and also running for specific products.

Searches are user-friendly for the English terms for source tongue speaking. The user also gets the different Google suggestion which is related to the term or phrases.

It happens on Nov 19 to 25th for the last years, the experiments are so awesome it helped the potential customers to discover more niche products.

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google suggestion for Black Friday

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