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Tel: +1-315-554-1466

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The explosion in the use of smartphones to surf the web has put mobile development at the heart of web strategies.

Today almost everyone has a mobile device. It was only natural that mobile development should become a phenomenon in a few years. Your business must follow this trend, which will allow you to improve your communication and offer your users an optimal browsing experience.

Capper Digital Web agency specialized in the development of mobile applications knows how to adapt to the new uses of its customers.

To best meet the different needs of everyone we have stayed in the continuity of what we do and base our developments on open source solutions


To understand the world of mobile you need to know the different technologies and their differences. As a specialized web agency, we will direct you to the right choice for your mobile project.

Differences of Native & Progressive Application - We have Both Expertise!

Native Application:

This is an application that is developed specifically for an operating system, This development technique makes it possible to use all the functionalities of the operating system such as the GPS or the camera and allows the creation of richer applications that can for example work without any internet connection.

It will develop the application for each operating system to be usable by the largest number. At least in two IOS and Android versions.

Progressive Application

The PWA is halfway between the web application and the website. Either it’s a website developed specifically for mobile reading. It is based on a shell application architecture that makes it possible to use it in offline mode. They are accessible from a browser and not an application platform. Thus they are never stored on the user’s phone and avoid an overload of memory. Combined with the best Web technologies and application features, they offer an optimal user experience But, nothing is perfect and this technology also has disadvantages.

The functionalities will not be exploited to their maximum, they are slower and less adapted to each platform not being developed in this sense, and this point will limit their adaptability. Its performance is therefore limited by its unique version for all platforms and operating systems, In addition to the title of a website, loyalty will be more difficult because the users do not download the application on their mobile device and that the push notification is impossible.

The targets and objectives of the PWA are different from other techniques, so it will be necessary to study your project well to be sure that it is the technique that corresponds to your project.



How can a mobile app help your business? Apart from the fact that today and in the future the Web will increasingly go through mobile devices, a mobile application will allow you to offer your users an innovative service and optimum communication. Your customers will be more satisfied and loyal and your sales will follow.


Whatever your business, mobile technology will be your ally. Whether you want to sell on the Internet by facilitating the user experience of your customers, managing your business or sharing data, the mobile application will meet your needs. The right mobile app is the one you need. One that will meet your expectations and allow you to advance your business.

But beyond that, it will, of course, have to meet immutable criteria as adaptability to the device used by Internet users. It must be efficient, ergonomic and scalable to follow your own changes in need. Another major point, it must be secure. As for your website or the many data that you exchange on the Web, it is necessary that your application is secure in order to avoid risks of piracy or data recovery. To overcome this, passwords will be set up as well as data encodings. But other solutions are possible to ensure the security of your application. We will see what it is useful to put in place in relation to your need. 

Capper Digital ensures your presence on all smartphones iPhone, Android, tablets and iPad, Capper Digital agency is able to meet all your needs and develop a real digital strategy.

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