Tel: +1-315-554-1466
Tel: +1-315-554-1466

Imagine a Living, up-to-date and Healthy Website

A website updated regularly, attracting more interest and increasing customer loyalty

Make the website of your company live

Your company has a website, but it is difficult to make it live, to set up a news, an article, a form. You do not know how to do where you find some difficult tasks. Our web agency can take care of updating and maintaining your website for you.

Project and website supported by our agency

Capper Digital support any website designed with PHP as well as websites based on an open source CMS such as CMS Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

Why opt for a maintenance contract?
An attractive cost

Updating a website is a lengthy process when you’re not mastering it. For us, web professionals, it’s our daily life. A classic action takes only a few minutes to implement.

Best performance

Keeping a website up to date is naturally improving its SEO and positioning with search engines, it also has a positive impact on the public to see the site change over the visits.

Security and backup

In addition to the work of updates, a backup of your site will be performed after each update which allows a very quick restoration of the website in case of hacking or malicious act.

Cost Calculation and Billing

The budget for updating and maintenance of each project calculated from several parameters. A preliminary analysis is necessary to determine the language and the CMS used as well as the different functionalities … Then, according to the nature of the project and the frequency of the updates, we could consider a monthly fixed price or a work with the task with Billing by the minute (Time Tracking).

The Concept of "Time tracking" or Minute Billing

Billing by the minute happens through the purchase of a time credit, a day credit time consists of 8 hours. Upon receipt of each request, we start time tracking, and stop it as soon as the task is completed. This mode of operation is completely transparent, it really allows you to pay only what you consume. For example, updating an article only takes a few minutes. A report will be delivered to you with a detail of each task, the date, the reference email, the consumption of time as well as the person in charge. Billing by the minute is the most suitable and least expensive mode of operation for conventional CMS-based projects.

Method of Working

Updates can be sent to us by email, or simply through a specific dashboard, the support and uploading is guaranteed within 48 hours maximum provided, of course, to properly explain the needs. By using the specific dashboard, you would have greater traceability per task and this allows you to come back at any time to view the update history.

Supported Features

As part of a maintenance contract, we take care of the monthly or bi-monthly backup of the site (depending on the nature of the project) the addition, the deletion or the modification of the pages of the site, as well as the associated media, the management forms, menu items, as well as any features already implemented while respecting the current architecture of the website. For the implementation of new features, a study will be carried out and a tariff estimate will be proposed.

Free Website Maintenance..

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